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Spray Paint - Molotow Burner 400 Chrome by Molotow

Graffiti Molotow Burner 400 Chrome

Molotow Premium is a versatile low / medium pressure fast drying and tough resistent finish spray paint. Favoured by artist and avialable in a huge colour range. Matt finish & touch dry within minutes, can be applied to most surfaces and will give an excellent covering of paint. Choose from single cans to bulk packs of 6, 12, 24 and more, the more you buy the cheaper they get!

Belton is Molotow's Premium spraypaint range. Belton cans come in a huge range of colours and are perfectly opaque, weatherproof, UV-resistant and lightfast. Because they are made with quadruple-ground car paint pigments, Belton colours are exceptionally permanent

Due to pure pigments, the paint achieves an extra deep color brilliance. Moreover, the new soft valve ensures a quick, soft paint application. The highly opaque, nitro alkyd-based paint (exception: pure black) ensures a very good UV resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.